Cash Out Refinance

Get Access To The Equity In Your Home

A debt consolidation loan can help you to effectively manage and reduce your debt over time, with more discretionary spending money as you continue to pay your loans by offering you a lower monthly payment than your current bill payments. While a debt consolidation loan won’t instantaneously improve your credit score, it will provide you with the simplicity of one bill to track as you pay down your debt – while typically lowering your monthly payment.

You can leverage your available home equity to consolidate any kind of debt, whether it’s high interest credit card debit, medical bills, or student loans. Typically with a cash-out refinance of your current mortgage or a new home equity loan or line of credit.

With interest rates at historic lows, it can make sense to investigate refinancing your mortgage for either a lower interest rate or to increase the amount of time you take to repay your loan.


 – Lower interest rates –

– Loan Interest is tax deductible –

– Typically lower monthly payments –

Current Missouri Mortgage Rates


30 Year Fixed


15 Year Fixed


5/1 ARM

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*Disclaimer: Certain restrictions and credit approval apply; not all applicants will qualify. All approvals are subject to underwriting guidelines which include but are not limited to: acceptable credit & income history, current homeowners insurance, property value, debt to income ratio, etc. Minimum & maximum loan amounts apply. Please contact Hometown Equity Mortgage for further details.